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Arundel Park

LOCALITY: Arundel, Sussex West
DISTANCE: 2 miles (3.22 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Suitable for wheelchairs

GRADIENT: Quite steep in places
OS MAP: Arundel & Pulborough

Walk description:

The Park was laid out in 1787, by the 11th Duke of Norfolk. When he started the grandiose reconstruction of the castle,
this was to continue for one and a half centuries.

To enclose the park it was necessary to divert three miles of the London road, so the route of this walk would originally have been the main route into the town.

At the start of the walk ,soon after passing through the gates of the park,there are some interesting lime trees, on both sides, with huge twiggy structures around the trunk. They look just like the nest of some enormous birds,but are in fact runners that develop in this curious manner. These can be clearly seen in the winter, but have to be looked for more closely when the trees are in leaf.

As you walk on up the hill you will see the Hiorne Tower on the right .This is a rather splendid, triangular, 18th century gothic prospect tower, with attractive chequered flintwork walls. It was built in 1787, but in the style of the 14th century. It is named after its architect, Francis Hiorne, who the 11th Duke had in mind to design some rebuilding of the castle. This however never happened as Hiorne died first.

Just in front of the tower is placed a Greek “altar” or plinth brought back by Lord Lyons from the Crimean War.

The walk can continue on up this road for 2 miles, as far as the gate at Whiteways, depending on inclination and time available. As there are plenty of places where the ground is firm enough to get on to the grass, a picnic might suggest itself on a fine day.

If you have only looked straight ahead on the outward journey, the view on the way back can really be enjoyed. To the left the Downs and the Arun valley and to the right a distant view of the sea.

Additional notes:

The nearest disabled toilets are at Crown Yard and Mill Lane. The walk can be up to 2 miles. The surface is tarmac, and is rather steep.

This walk is all on a tarmac road with no traffic, except when the Cricket Ground is in use, and is therefore easier for the person pushing, although the first few yards are definitely up hill

17/11/2007 | Walk posted by Admin Team

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